Banana Farms

Banana Farms Whitepaper

Everything you need to know about the BFARMS token.


Banana Farms is a reflection token based on the Binance Smart Chain. This means that by holding the native $BFARMS token the number of tokens you have will grow automatically.

Why use reflection?

A reflection protocol is advantageous compared to a typical staking protocol; as there is a massively reduced chance of on-chain errors. Something which is quite common to staking protocols. It also discourages the forming of 'wales'; wallets who hold a large amount of a token and have the power to dump the price.

Where can I buy some BFARMS?

BFARMS will be purchasable on PancakeSwap after the pre-sale. We chose PancakeSwap as it is the most well-known BSC based DEX and is very trustworthy. However the team aims to get BFARMS listed on smaller CEXs in the future.

Is this safe?

The $BFARMS algorithm is extremely robust, on paper, it is impossible for your funds to be lost due to on-chain errors. Also, the developers are unable to create more tokens, or pull the LP tokens (due to our PinkSale lock). The team are working on getting an official KYC and audit to make sure all of our buyers are confident in the developers.


Q2 2022:

• Website, Twitter and Telegram launched • Whitepaper written • Pre-sale whitelist giveaways • Listed on smaller ranking sites • Advertisements on Twitter purchased

Q3 2022:

• Presale launched • Discord opening • PancakeSwap listing • Exchange advertisements purchased • CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko listing • Smaller CEX listings

Q4 2022:

• NFT collection launch • Website revamp • Mobile wallet app "BananaWallet" • Billboards in busy areas


3% Reflection 1% Liquidity 1% Developer Funding

So how much APY can I earn?

The Banana Farms protocol can support infinite APY, there is no limit how many tokens you can accrue. The reason we decided to do this is to incentivize long-term holding; this would lead to a higher market-cap and lower volatility. The higher market-cap makes the hold more peaceful than a regular meme-coin, where the price changes rapidly.




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